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Wooden Sculptures

Nepali architecture would have been incomplete without Nepali wood sculpture. Its glorious history dates back to the Lichhavi period when it got a chance to prosper. This ancient tradition of woodcarving still flourishes among the Newar community. The incomparable woodworks of Nepal can still be seen adorning the doors, windows, Tudals (which support the over-hanging roofs) ,images of gods, goddesses, animals and birds and different mythological figures of ancient temples, palaces and houses.

Either teak or rosewood is used to carve the wood products. The artisans imitate the intricate motifs found on the temple struts and pillars. With the help of simple tools the artist reproduce his imagination on the wood. It is done with great perfection and concentration.

In today's fast and modern world, Nepalese artisans still use the traditional methods and tools exhibiting their capability and skill. The young craftsmen get no training like in other fields rather guidance and support from their elders. Ancient houses, palaces or temples used to have heavily crafted wooden doors, windows, pillars etc. These days the tradition of building the houses in ancient style is in vogue which has created the demand for the woodworks which undoubtedly helps in preserving and promoting the woodcraft as well as in supporting the economic condition of the craft men.

These unmatched wooden items have always succeeded to amaze the people. These are not only souvenir taken by the Tourists but they also adorn the homes of Nepali. It has become the most exportable products of Nepal. We have functional wooden items, created by the expert craftsmen, like window framed - styled photo frames, mask, jewelry boxes, lamp stands, mirror stands, picture frames, mirror frames, small boxes, animals, buttons, mythological figures, artistic statues of various gods and goddesses like Manjushree, Buddha, Ganesh etc, decorative items like decorative wall hangings, decorative Windows, Tudals and Doors etc. It is advisable to see if the joints are smooth or not while buying woodworks. Prices vary as per the quality of the products.