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Stone Sculptures

Among all the traditional art forms of Nepal, the artisans have exhibited their greatest talent in stone carving. The stone carving is considered to be the first among all art forms developed in the country During Malla period, the skill in stone carving reached a high degree of proficiency which later paved the way for metal craft.

The most outstanding example of the stone sculpture is Krishna Mandir temple of Mangal bazaar of course which is made by a single stone. And several other masterpieces too can be seen in ancient chaityas, temples, Water spouts of water conduits around Kathmandu Valley. The artistic inborn talent and rich imagination of the Nepalese artisans are reflected through the ornaments of the deities like earpieces, armlets, bracelets, anklets and the styles of halos, folds of garments, facial expression etc.

First of all as per order or mere imagination the artist makes a rough sketch on stone. Later with the help of the tools like forceps, hammers etc the carving of the intricate images is started. Not a single detail is overlooked. The young artists get no training but guidance from the elders and his own experience of working sharpens his talent. These days not only Newar community but other communities as well have started to take up this profession.

We present many artistic stone statues of different deities like Lord Krishna, Ganesh, Buddha, the Sun - worshipped by Nepalese as the Lord, various figures of animals, serpents, bells, water fountains, vessels, models of temples and Chaityas, carved pillars, windows etc. These also can certainly be decoration accessories. Prices differ according to the quality and the motifs of the product.