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Musical Instruments

Nepalese Musical instruments:

Nepal is a country of tradition and culture. Needless to say it is equally rich in traditional music and dance which are related to different religion and culture of Nepal. Musical Instrument in Nepal plays very important role in almost every occasion or ceremony. It is believed that there are about 400 (four hundred) types of original musical instruments in Nepal.

Sarangi is a four string musical instrument. Madal and Sarangi both are typical Nepali folk musical instruments which are found in every part of Nepal. Madals can be found in different sizes.

Damaru is important as it has religious significance too. It is shaken by hands while worshipping which makes a distinct sound.

The soft tone of Bansuri casts a spell on you as it starts to be played. It is a woodwind instrument which is of three kinds- producing low, middle and high tones.

Tabala is a popular classical musical instrument. It can be found either carved or in brass.

Dhimay, Dhah, Cymbals are famous Newar musical instruments. Dhimay has the capacity to produce a multiple rumbling echo which is its main feature .It is played in all ceremonial processions. It is constructed from cylindrical hollowed tree trunk with the leather pads at both ends. Nowadays it is made of brass and other metals too. Dhah is also made by the same material as Dhimay. It is accompanied by other musical instruments.

Cymbals can be of different sizes. Tah is smaller but thicker cymbals which is played during Bhajans (devotional songs) and is considered to be the principal musical instrument. It is made of an alloy of eight holy metals .Bhusyah is thinner compared to Tah.

Sankha or Conch is an ancient musical instrument. It has religious significance too. Playing of it indicates the beginning of any new work.

Ponga is a long wind instrument of brass.

Nekoo is a horn instrument and it is considered to be the oldest form of musical instrument.

We offer Singing bells, Cymbals, Dr. Drum, Ocean Drum Madals, Tibetan Music Instruments like Bajra, Bells (with Dorje), Trumpet and Dhilbu etc. These unique musical instruments from Nepal can adorn your house or you can just try playing them.