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Metal Statues

Nepal is well known for traditional crafts like metal craft, wood craft, stone craft etc. Nepalese craftsmen have undoubtedly shown their greatest workmanship in all these crafts creating unparalleled masterpieces. Meta statues of religious deities and their heralds certainly make attractive displays at homes, hotels etc. These intricate masterpieces from Nepal have now caught the eyes of the tourists. Artisans produce statues with gilded in gold and silver. Some are filigreed with wires and studded with gemstones .These are still made in the same traditional method known as "lost- wax method". If more work is done on the details it costs more .Although somewhat expensive yet they are worth the money you spend.

The process of metal statue making is one of the oldest and finest crafts which begins with the construction of a model of the image in wax by hand. It is coated with the mixture (clay and rice bran) and placed to dry carefully in the sun until the clay becomes firmed then it is heated so that the wax is melted , the liquid wax is extracted so that cavity is created , pouring metal is poured through the cavity , it is plunged in to cold water and the clay is then broken to get the image in metal form. Rough image is then made smooth by cleaning, polishing and finishing. For extra beauty and value, it may be given for full or partial gold or silver plating, painting or fitting semi-precious and precious stones per the request of the client.. These items valuable creations as the making requires much time, immense labor, great skill, proper technology and dedication of the maker.

We offer the best quality of exotic metal statues made using the ancient lost wax process, of various deities like Shiva, Ganesh, Lokeshwar, Saraswati, Laxmi, Mayadevi,Green Tara, White Tara, Padmasambhava etc.

We have statues from richly clad and bejeweled Aparmita, Akash Jogini wearing garland of the people's skulls, to Bodhisatva statues which represent the path to Awakening.

We have different Buddha statues like Amitabha Buddha who is the most ancient among the Dhyani Buddhas.

Compassion Buddha who is also known as Kharachheri.

Amogsiddhi who is one of the Dhyani Buddhas.

Fasting Buddha who represents the time when the young prince Siddhartha meditated for six years without having anything so that his body reduced to skin and bones.

Maitreya Buddha who is considered the future Buddha and also famous as Laughing Buddha in China .

Medicine Buddha who is also called Healing Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha etc.

We also have statues gilded in gold and silver or studded with stones .More work done on details means more cost and time. These products can be a bit expensive yet they are worth praising and buying.