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Khukuri is a curved steel knife. It is a typical Nepali knife. This is not only an integral part of the brave Gurkha soldiers but is important in religious context too as it is worshipped during the greatest Hindu festival of Nepal, Dashain. In ancient times, it was much used in battles by Nepalese warriors to defeat the enemies. A soldier wears it sheathed in his uniform. But it is found in most of the houses of the hilly region of Nepal.

This awesome khukuri has grown popular as a souvenir to take back home or to decorate the rooms. Sharp or fearsome edge is its renowned quality. Decorated scabbard is another feature. It should have a notch on its blade near the handle. The notch is meant to prevent blood from flowing onto the handle, a necessity for the ancient warriors for whom it was the battle sword. Sheathed together with the khukuri in the cover are two small knives one is used for sharpening the khukuri and for striking a flint stone to make fire.

There are different types of Khukuri in the market. Some are silver decorated or carved. Army Khukuris which are delivered to the Gurkha soldiers during enlistment are used by them only. They carry another Khukuri called Ceremonial Khukuri knife for special occasion only like ceremonial khukuri drill .Bhojpure Carved Khukuri Knife named after Bhojpure, Chainpure Carved Khukuri knife named after Chainpur both are for decorative purpose.