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Nepalese Carpets

Nepalese carpets are also the major export products of Nepal. Only pure wool yarns are used to weave carpets. They are produced by skilled people in traditional Tibetan way with Tibetan design and more contemporary styles to meet the demand of the clients.. Carpets dyed with chemicals cost as same as the carpets dyed with vegetable and plants dyes. Carpets come in different sizes and colours. The most popular size is 3 x 6 feet .Prices of carpets range as much as……..$ for imported carpets to as little as ……$.for locally made carpets with Nepali and Tibetan patterns.

The making of the carpet

Firstly the wool is washed to remove dirt and dried in sunlight for few days. The wool is spun by charkha after this it is dyed using synthetic dyestuffs and dried in the sunlight again. Secondly carpets are woven by hand which is an artistic task indeed. Yarn balls, scissors, iron-rod, levers, comb beater, etc are used for this work. Later the pattern is carved with scissors in the woven carpet and is washed with fresh water using chemicals. Then it is kept the sun light for 4- 5 days. It is stretched and trimmed for finishing.
We offer a large selection from Kashmir, Tibet and Nepal. The design and durability are renowned features of Tibetan carpets. These are hand knotted portraying Tibetan Buddhist symbols Prices depend on the quality of the wool, dye and the density of the knots and rows. A high density of knots means more time and cost but high density does not mean high quality. The best carpet has 32 knots to 20rows.